Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are a part of your reservation. By confirming your reservation and providing a payment of any kind, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions and are responsible for all members of your group as well as any guests you invite into the property during your reservation,

Additional Services: All additional services are billed separately. You authorize Las Vegas Retreats to charge your credit card the applicable amount(s) for this reservation and any additional services rendered during the rental period. Such charges may include, but are not limited to pool/spa heat, movie/special showing rentals and other goods/services ordered by you. You promise to pay such total together with any other charges due on this transaction subject to and in accordance with the agreement governing the use of your card. You also certify that you agree to all the conditions and regulations set by Las Vegas Retreats.
Cancelation: You may cancel this agreement, via certified mail/e-mail/fax received by Las Vegas Retreats, no later than 30 days prior to arrival. However, cancelation will result in the automatic forfeiture of your deposit. Thereafter, the reservation is considered firm and all monies are due.  As an alternative, Las Vegas Retreats will attempt to reserve the home with another guest for the same dates you had reserved. If successful, your deposit will be returned, less one night's administrative fee. If we can not reserve the home for the same nights, we will move your reservation to another time in the same home (based on availability/holidays excluded). Las Vegas Retreats may cancel this reservation agreement at any time for circumstances beyond our control such as damage making the home uninhabitable, sale of the home, etc.  In the event that Las Vegas Retreats cancels prior to your occupation of the premises, Las Vegas Retreats shall refund all monies previously paid.
Vacation Rental Damage Protection: This Vacation Rental Damage plan covers unintentional damages to the rental unit interior that occur during your stay, provided they are disclosed to management prior to check-out. The policy will pay a maximum benefit of $3000.00. Any damages that exceed $3000.00 will be charged to the credit card on file. If you damage the real or personal property assigned to your rental accommodation during the trip, the Insurer will reimburse the lesser of the cost of repairs or replacement of the property, up to $3000.00. Certain terms and conditions apply.  Full details of the Vacation Rental Damage coverage are contained in the Description of Coverage or Insurance Policy (www.vacationrentalinsurance.com/G20VRD ).  The Vacation Rental Damage can be purchased up to, and including at, check-in.   By submitting payment for this plan, you authorize and request CSA Travel Protection and Insurance Services to pay directly to Las Vegas Retreats any amount payable under the terms and conditions of the Vacation Rental Damage.  Please contact Las Vegas Retreats directly if you do not wish to participate in this plan or assignment. 
Liability Release: Las Vegas Retreats/homeowner shall be held harmless from damage to property, loss or theft of personal property or personal injury damage occurring to any guest, whether disclosed or not disclosed to Las Vegas Retreats/homeowner, while said guest is utilizing any service provided by Las Vegas Retreats.
Remedy Disclosure: In the event of any breach flowing from this agreement or any dispute hereunder, all parties, their heirs and assigns consent to the jurisdiction of the state of Nevada. Should any disputes arise by and between the parties to this agreement, their heirs or assigns, the prevailing party shall be entitled to its actual attorney's fee in relation thereto. This agreement supersedes all previous agreements. No prior agreement or understanding pertaining to this lease shall be effective.
Policies and Procedures: Commencement of reservation is 3 p.m. Your entry code will not work before 3 PM.  In the event that the guest does not vacate by 10:00 a.m. upon completion of his/her reserved time, additional charges, in the amount of 10% of the base rent per hour plus expenses, will apply.
Guest Registration: The responsible party as well as the number of additional guests must be disclosed to Las Vegas Retreats before the commencement of the reserved time. Additional guests during any particular day is to be considered hosting and is expressly forbidden. Undisclosed guests are subject to a $50.00 per person, per night fee. Pets are accepted on a per case basis. Undisclosed pet(s) are subject to a $250 per pet fee.
Property Rules: Our properties are located within communities that maintain a secluded, tranquil environment for their residents. Anyone who wishes to disturb that environment by throwing loud parties must consider a more appropriate venue for such activities. Trespassing on the property of another, music/noise that is audible to the neighbors and unlawful activity of any kind will be considered a violation of this agreement and grounds for immediate eviction. Any incident which causes a police visit or an allegation from the city/county or neighborhood HOA relating to a disturbance will result in a $2000 charge to the credit card on file.
Home Amenities: Las Vegas Retreats takes care to assure that the systems/amenities in your home are working properly. On occasion, repairs may be needed during your stay. You must notify us immediately of any deficiencies/malfunctions at your home. We will make every reasonable attempt to rectify the situation as soon as possible. No consideration will be given to claims that are initially brought to our attention after you have left the premises. Las Vegas Retreats is not responsible nor liable for circumstances beyond our control such as the effects of inclement weather, local utility outage including cable/internet or community amenity malfunction including entry gate.
Pools and Spas: All pools and spas are private and are not monitored at any time. Use of the pool and spa is at your own risk. Pool and/or spa heat is not included in the nightly rate and may be available for an additional charge. Tampering with pool/spa equipment may result in damage and you will be held responsible. Call if you are not absolutely sure of proper operation. Spa heat must be disabled before departure or additional charges may apply.
Non-Smoking: All properties are non-smoking. This includes cigarettes, cigars, incense and illegal substances. Please do not burn anything inside of our homes. Any tenant found in violation will be charged an additional housekeeping fee of $500.00. Smoking is permitted outside.
Parking: Guests must park vehicles in the designated parking spaces, driveways, or garages, where applicable. Under no circumstances is parking allowed in front of neighboring homes. Any guest found in violation may be subject to fines and/or towing.
Home Security: During your reservation, you are responsible for taking reasonable care to ensure the security of the home and its contents. All doors and windows must be closed and locked when no one is in residence and upon departure. You may be held liable for damage and/or theft that occurs from not adequately securing the home during and immediately after your reservation as well as charges incurred by Las Vegas Retreats to secure the property.
Damage Assessment: By entering into this reservation agreement, you hereby authorize Las Vegas Retreats to assess charges to your credit card/account for theft, intentional damage or damage due to gross negligence, damage reimbursement that exceeds your accidental damage policy limit, accidental damage that is not reported prior to check out or that is refused payment by your accidental damage insurance policy, excessive cleaning, excessive utility usage or damage beyond normal wear or tear and pool/spa heat not previously paid. An excessive cleaning charge may result from and is not limited to: smoking inside the home, excessive garbage that is not collected and bagged, staining of the carpets, linens and towels and human fluids that are not cleaned/disposed of such as urine and vomit. Damage to the home that results in the inability of Las Vegas Retreats to accommodate a subsequent guest reservation will result in a charge to your credit card equal to the lost income as well as damage repair reimbursement. Optional daily maid service does not include collecting and bagging trash not in waste baskets, washing more than one sinkful of dishes and washing/drying bathroom towels or personal laundry. If these services are requested or required in order to complete the service, you are responsible for the additional charges. These charges are payable upon demand and will not be deducted from the security deposit. In the event that theft or damage occurs or excessive cleaning is required, an accounting and invoice will be sent within thirty (30) days.