Local Area Guide: Things to do / Activities / Attractions

No matter where you go, you know that the people who live there have the best ideas on where to go and what to do. Las Vegas is no exception, and that's a good thing. When it comes to knowing what the locals know, there could not be any place better than Las Vegas! There is simply so much here that it's impossible to stay up to date unless you live here. With that in mind, we've created a local's directory that reflects not only the best of Vegas, but the places we as locals recommend the most!

The Best of Las Vegas According To Locals


In addition to being a Disneyland for adults, Las Vegas also offers many activities that are suitable for the entire family. From amazing Ferris wheels and Stratospheric towers, youre sure to find something amazing to do that everyone can enjoy! Here are some favorite recommendations from locals.


Las Vegas is a Mecca for food. There is never any shortage of choices for dining no matter what time of day or night. From local coffee houses to fine dining, as locals, we have had the chance to sample them and can recommend some of the best. Here are some of our favorites.


There are so many great options for shopping in Las Vegas that you could spend your entire time here doing nothing but visiting incredible stores. From the simple to the sublime, Las Vegas has something to offer for every budget!


People come from all over the world to experience Las Vegas. And no experience would be complete without seeing one of the many exciting shows Las Vegas has to offer. Here are some great shows that we think are definitely worth your while.

Southwest Adventures

Las Vegas is not only a great place to visit, its also a great starting place for visiting the beautiful Southwestern United States. We are close to Arizona, California and Utah and incredible destinations in each of those states are all very close.