The 2013 Adult Entertainment Expo is coming! Even with an all new schedule, we will likely book more of our properties to attendees and exhibitors than ever. Either as singles who come to town with family and friends or who book properties together. We have excellent Las Vegas vacation rentals available for the 2013 Adult Expo.

Adult Entertainment Expo 2013 Lodging and Accommodations

Vacation Home Rentals for Adult Entertainment Expo 2013

The Adult Entertainment Expo 2013 happens in Las Vegas this year. Every year we book more and more of our properties to Adult Entertainment Expo 2013 attendees. Either as singles who come to town with family and friends, or conventioneers who link-up and book properties together.

Vacation home rentals are the best possible solution for your stay during the Adult Entertainment Expo 2013. Attendees of the 2009 Adult Entertainment Expo 2013 in Las Vegas will enjoy some of the best vacation home choices we have ever offered.

This is especially true when you consider that our properties are professionally managed and maintained, and backed by 24 Hour Customer Service. We are unaware of any other vacation rental company in Las Vegas that offers dedicated 24 hour customer service.

Truly relaxed lodging, Away from the hustle and bustle.

Maybe you're new to the idea of staying in vacation homes for the Adult Entertainment Expo 2013, or simply haven't noticed before. But vacation home rentals are the preferred way to stay during any long term event in Las Vegas.

To be sure, we have some of the best hotels anywhere in the world in Las Vegas. But when you are staying for more than just a few days, even the best hotel accommodations become cramped and confining, and the hotel casino environment is not really conducive to the rest you need between competitions.

Or maybe you like coming back to the same square space every single day? You are enjoying the same restaurant food day after day, and just can't wait to spend a few more minutes with a thousand other tourists and their screaming kids down at the pool? This helps your convention experience? Good for you! 


Well, just in case you decide to tear yourself away from that nirvana some time, consider that a vacation home offers privacy, quiet, space to move around, and all the comforts of home. Why not give yourself a break after long hours at the 2009 Adult Entertainment Expo 2013 by staying in a beautiful spacious house or condominium instead? 

Why pay extra for the services you need? We include everything you're going to want to go along with your home during your stay for the Adult Entertainment Expo 2013. Unlike most hotels, our rentals include free Wifi Internet access, free Cable TV, free phone calls and much more. All you need to bring is clothes and food. And think about it, do you really want to spend more money to access your email while you stay at a hotel?

And speaking of food, instead of being relegated to hotel restaurants and eating out for every single meal of your stay, you'll be eating your own food in your own dining room. The dollar savings alone are well worth the difference, to say nothing of the time and effort expended with reservations, standing in line, and leaving tips for even halfway decent service. Adult Entertainment Expo 2013 attendees are likely to save a fortune during the show run.


Now, we have nothing against Las Vegas food. Clearly some of the best restaurants in the world are right here in Sin City. But nothing compares to a home cooked meal, and if you prefer professionally prepared at-home dining, which hotel is it that will allow catering to your room? Instead, we recommend one of our fine professional chefs visit your vacation rental home and prepare a meal to your exact specifications. And you know what? That is STILL likely to cost less than a good Vegas restaurant meal.

Getting to the Adult Entertainment Expo 2013

300x200xdelrey-300-img_9729_30_31-th.jpg.pagespeed.ic.j3FAHy2OXD.jpgMany first time renters attending in the Adult Entertainment Expo 2013 here in Las Vegas may have concerns about transportation to and from the Adult Entertainment Expo 2013 site and their vacation home rental. 

Las Vegas is the taxi Mecca of the world. Rides to and from the Adult Entertainment Expo 2013 are cheap and plentiful. Limos are also available en mass and at exceptional rates. Lastly, rental cars can be had for a few hundred dollars for the entire event stay.

And keep in mind, no matter which method you choose to get to and from the Adult Entertainment Expo 2013, we have chosen all our recommended homes to be within moments of the main event site. Vacation homes in Green Valley and Summerlin and generally no more than 10 to 15 minutes away from the Adult Entertainment Expo 2013 site, and homes in Southern Highlands and Henderson are only 15 to 20 minutes away, even during peak commute hours.

There is a good reason why Las Vegas Retreats has such a great reputation among Adult Entertainment Expo 2013 attendees. We work hard for your business, and we strive to make sure that your experience is everything you hope it will be.

BBB.gifConsider this, every home we offer was chosen for its proximity to the Las Vegas Strip, for the amenities it offers, and for its suitability and attractiveness as a vacation home. From that select inventory, we have chosen the best possible rental homes for the Adult Entertainment Expo 2013 based on distance to the event site. So no matter which home you choose, you are going to get one that has already been chosen for the same reasons you are using to make your choice.

When you combine the value and amenities offered by our excellent vacation homes with our 24 hour customer service, you have an unbeatable combination sure to please even the most demanding guest. Staying in our homes is much more like staying in a hotel, except without all the crowds and expenses. That's exactly the way we like it and we are sure you will like it as well.

Be sure to call Las Vegas Retreats today for the best choice in Adult Entertainment Expo 2013 vacation home rentals.

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